Mitsubishi Galant Door Rattle

My noise problem

I bought this 2002 Mitsubishi Galant in 2001.  The only thing that went wrong with it was basic maintenance things: O2 sensor, shocks and struts, radiator, timing belt.  I continue to feel a strange push-pull while driving downhill after turning 90k miles, possibly due to an engine_torque:load_inertia mismatch caused by a transmission sensor going bad.  I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of this – even with my Fluke scope and the dealer diagnostics.

Overall, it has been a good car; however, it started developing an interior rattle noise after 20k miles.  I never took it in during the warranty period and, of course, after 190k miles it got worse.  Riding in other Mitsubishi’s, I am finding that this noise is a common problem.  The sounds are similar and there is a distinct ‘bell’ sound when you slam the passenger door of every Mitsubishi I’ve been in.  Needless to say, the rattling was driving me crazy.  After several months of listening to it, I decided to take aggressive action to find the root of the problem…

Step 1 – Remove the door panel

To remove the door panel, there are 3 screws with little covers over them, one black screw in the door handle and another behind the latch door-release handle.  There is a wire harness connected to the power door controls that must be removed from the panel.  Set the panel aside somewhere safe.

Step 2 – Remove the weatherproofing

Peel the plastic sheet back from the door frame. The black tar will remain sticky enough to tack it back on when you are done.

Step 3 – Analyze

On the bottom right of the door (facing from the interior) you’ll see two white blocks of Styrofoam mounted back to back. I believe they are intended to baffle the vibrations of road noise and door slamming. Look closely.  Now look closlier…

Step 4 – Repair

The culprit to my rattle was the NYLON PUSH FASTENERS that hold these blocks. From the looks of it, they aren’t sized properly to the holes drilled in the sheet metal. Take them out, curse at them, and set them on fire. Replace with a nylon bolt, washer, and nut (about 2$) from your local hardware store.

Step 5 – Put everything back together

The root cause of my ’02 Galant Rattle:

The culprit...


3 Comments on “Mitsubishi Galant Door Rattle”

  1. willie wonka says:

    LOOK “closlier”…. classic

  2. Bashar says:

    Hey dude I’m having the same problem and I’m going to try your solution, but can you explain the “Replace with a nylon bolt, washer, and nut” part please? Thanks again!

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