Wallow Fire Week 2

Click here for a view of the Wallow Fire from Greens Peak

After I received word that the road to Alpine was closed and received the page that my tower at South Mountain was inaccessible, I came up with a plan to re-route all of the SCADA via a backup VPN through the branch office in Reserve, NM. The point-to-point connection to the tower site in Frisco Ridge was still operational. The other side of the link was not because South Mountain was inoperable.

My plan was to re-route the data and office voice traffic to go through the other end. What was an end-point, is now the gateway. This required some quick addressing assignments and re-IP’ing the site.

When I was done with routing the traffic, everything came online except for some sites that we thought might have been burnt down due to the fire. Everyone was happy and amazed.

Here are some video’s of my trip:

Before leaving, I stopped by the Reserve substation. We got a generator to keep some basic power on for the public in Reserve, Luna, and Glenwood. It was an interesting thing to see.

Take a look at some of the others.

Update 6-11

Just got this from the New Mexico News:

Sorry New Mexico… Fires suck.

The funny thing is that the cell phone tower has it’s own generator.  I have not been paged once since we rerouted communications to that site.  In fact, we are responsible for the generator on the tower site (well, not really.  But we have worked on it before)  Reserve, New Mexico has only one cell tower and in a good day, people who live there are lucky to get signal.  I once had a flat tire out there.  OnStar was inoperable.  I had to walk about 18 miles to get help.  Yep: my cell phone was useless.


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