Vets day = range day


Fun start. Ammo and a new SR556

What better way for a vet to enjoy his day off than to shoot an AR15?  Today is my day.  At the start, things went pretty well zeroing in my EOTech and Aimpoint 3x twist-on scope.  Since getting lasik surgery, I have not been able to see correctly from my right eye.  It’s pretty screwed up.  Picking up these optics, I was hoping to bring my 30/40 score back to 40/40 with the assistance of these optics.

Zeroing went really well.  It was a lot easier that I thought being that I just mounted the sight to the rail.  Now to try using my 22LR conversion kit.  I got tired of spending $.25 a trigger pull with .223 ammunition.

Before purchasing this unit, I specifically told the gun store that I wanted to shoot .22 caliber more for fun than anything else.  The .223 was too expensive to plink around at the range.  Unless I was shooting more that 100 yards, .22 would be just fine.  I think from the ballistics that the drop wouldn’t be significant enough to warrant re-sighting my EOTech.  To my disappointment, it wasn’t going to be a .22 caliber day.

I break open the AR at the base.  Out comes the old familiar .223 caliber bolt carrier group (BCG).  The conversion is simply a replacement of the BCG with a neat little kit that looks like a .223 with a bolt, chamber, and buffer spring all in one.

After sliding in the conversion, I noticed that the BCG was protruding from the back of the upper receiver.  It just didn’t look right. I thought that I might have to push the BCG in while locking the lower to the upper but then I ran into another problem with the hammer.  I pushed the hammer back and closed it up.  The captions on the pictures tell the rest of my story…

See my thumb: the BCG is not fully inserted into the upper reciever assembly.

Try locking the charging handle?

Now the hammer wouldn't let it close...

Pushed the hammer back...

Also pushed in the BCG...

Inspect the bolt. Notice the gap. It's not going to chamber correctly.

Pulled the charging handle back. All looks good...

This was not a slow-load. The gap is still present. This is not good. I'm scared.

So, it was not a day to shoot .22 caliber ammo.  It was an expensive ammo day.  Too bad.  After researching this online, Dustin told me that a piston AR will not take the conversion without first removing the piston assembly.  Well, this is not good. This will take a lot of time for the conversion.  Not easy at all!

Well, I think I’m going to try this again, this time removing the piston.  Just for the range, though.  I’m thinking that with slight modification to the conversion kit, it will work.  There is a little pin that holds the spring where the gas tube (if mine had a gas tube) would be inserted into.  If I could bring this back a little, it might fit just fine.  But it would ruin the conversion kit for gas ARs. Let me think about it for a couple of weeks.  I might just return the darn thing.


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