Motorcycle Garage

I bought a motorcycle cover for my bike about 14 months ago.  I’ve been riding it consistently since I’ve purchased it in November 2007.  Keeping the bike outside has taken a toll on the bike cover.  It is practically disintegrating due to the UV radiation.  I have tried to repair the tears with duct tape – it really looks like a redneck repair job.
Now I am at the store looking for a new cover.  The old cover that is all messed up now is still being sold at Wal-Mart for $35.00.  I bought it on clearance for $17 last year.  I don’t want to get another one like it if it is only going to last a couple of months.  Also, it is a pain to put on the bike.  I have to wait for the exhaust to cool down to prevent the nylon from melting on the pipes, the elastic wears out and it isn’t as waterproof as I would like it to be.

I  got this idea to build a garage for my bike out of a tarp.  I thought about how a rolly-polly bug rolls up into a little ball and it gave me an idea for a collapsible motorcycle “garage” made out of bungee cords, stakes, 1/2″ PVC pipe and a heavy tarp.  Here is my drawing of the design:

A bike/motorcycle tent made out of a tarp, bungee, stakes, and PVC

You collapse the ‘tent’ by lifting up on either side.  There are stretchy bungees that connect to the apogee of each of the bent PVC ‘ribs’.  This provides a spring-loaded feel when closing the tent/garage after driving your bike into it.

Now I can park my bike without waiting for it to cool down or worry about the darn wind from blowing my cover away!


One Comment on “Motorcycle Garage”

  1. Micheal says:

    Recently I bought a (5’ Wide x 10’ Long x 8′ High) bike cabana in very cheap price.

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