Schweitzer and SCADA

My Lab

So, I get this SEL-2032 communications processor and want to communicate with it using C3Ilex’s SCADA interface (EOScada).  The 2032 has an Ethernet board in it (model 2701) and the IP address is configured.  I can toggle the switches from telnet and setup the DNP3 up on port 17 (as specified in the documentation.)

I was still not able to communicate via the SCADA master.  Then I found out that the communications port settings of the DNP Net protocol needed to have an additional timeout receive delay of 1000ms or greater due to the verboseness of the DNP3 protocol.  Now I can get polls from the SEL-2032!

Another caveat to note is that there is a bug in my EOScada software that will cause scan to stop scanning and not restart while connected to a DNP/IP commline if the IP link is lost (cable unplugged, IED device reset, etc).  It is supposed to be fixed in a future release.  A workaround for me now is to kill the scan process every two hours so that it can respawn.

Attached is a picture of my lab.


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