Subway Diet

I’m no Jared.

I’ve worked out consistently for the past couple of years.  I have kept the weight off; however, it seems like the holidays are the worse.  I always stop going to the gym around Thanksgiving and don’t start back until the new year.  To make matters worse, vacationing usually resorts to me having a couple drinks (which is the worse thing I can do to keep the weight off).

So, I’m starting back on the gym thing.  I weiged myself and see that I have gained close to 20 pounds since mid November.  Man!  That’s not good.  Now I’m off to loose the weight I gained.

You’ve seen the commercials about the fat-guy Jared and his weight loss method of using Subway menu supplements to rid himself of 240 pounds.  My eating habits are OK.  I do eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning and have a decent lunch, cook my own dinner and take vitamins and minerals.  I try to drink 3L of water every day at a minimum.  Due to my blood pressure, I’m on water pills which keeps me thirsty.

I’ve been an avid Ebayer latley.  I went online to check out some paintball equipment and I saw one of the people selling Subway buy-one get-one-free coupons in another auction.  The deal was this: buy a sandwich and large drink and get another sandwich free.  There are 16 of these coupons per purchase.  What the hell.  I bought them for $10.

Here’s my plan:  I weigh 200lbs.  I want to get back down to 180; my goal is to loose 6lbs this month using this diet and 5 day/week workout plan.  Order 2 subway 12″ sandwiches every other day.  Eat 6″ for lunch and dinner for the next two days.  Oatmeal for breakfast. Go back to subway.  I’m going to avoid cheese and oil but I can load the veggies.

So, at $7 a visit to Subway per 2 days of food, 30 days on the Subway diet will cost about $105 with these coupons.  Add $3 for a bucket of oatmeal and $15 for vitamin and mineral supplements (prescription) and $10 for the EBay purchase of the coupons, I’m at $133 per month to eat and hopefully lose weight.


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